Azmara Gold is a business that seeks to revolutionize the West’s gold jewelry market. Looking around, most of the gold jewelry available in the market is made from artificial chemical alloys that are impure and tend to tarnish when worn daily, losing their appeal and value with time. Our jewelry is made from high purity 18, 21, and 22-karat gold. This makes our pieces more beautiful, durable, and valuable as they contain a very small percentage of metals that would make the gold oxidize and become discolored with time.

Azmara Gold jewelry is made from pure gold sourced, mined, and refined ethically from certified sources and through practices that promote socio-economic and environmental sustainability. All our jewelry is designed meticulously, skillfully, and with a great passion for perfection, resulting in pieces that are comfortable, stylish, unique, affordable, and suitable for everyday wear. These pieces are customized to the client’s preference and can be a great investment as well as a special way to stand out in a crowd and express themselves.


The company draws its name ‘Azmara’ from the founders’ grandmother, Becha. She asked her father to name her Azmara, which, in the Tigrinya language, means ‘a blooming field’. The name is significant as a metaphor for the arrival of a good harvest. For us, it represents the arrival of high karat affordable jewelry for our customers in the West who are accustomed to low karat options that lose their allure and value over time. The company’s founder loved pure gold jewelry very much, and her passion inspired her to introduce it to the world. We are committed to upholding her values by ensuring that everyone that loves jewelry and appreciates quality and craftsmanship can access our pieces at an affordable price and wear them every day with pride and confidence without having to worry about them tarnishing or losing value.